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Call us today on 0191 586 4322

Funeral cost and financial help

The costs of a funeral are divided into two parts: Funeral directors services and disbursements.

These are both presented on one invoice. In detail, the two parts are:

East Durham Funeral Service direct fee's

  • 24 hour call-out service
  • Funeral arrangements
  • A coffin
  • Private Chapel of Rest and its use up to the day of the funeral
  • Conveyance of the deceased
  • Hygiene treatment of the deceased
  • Delivery and preparation of all documentation
  • All neccesary transportation Hearse and Limousine's 
  • Horse drawn hearse


Disbursement is monies paid out by us on your behalf, over which we have no control. Disbursements include:

  • Crematorium or Cemetery fees
  • Church fees
  • Minister's fees
  • Organist fees
  • Doctors fees
  • Newspaper announcements
  • Floral tributes
  • Catering
  • Orders of service

We will discuss all the necessary costs and details of the funeral arrangements with you, and will give you a list of estimated costs which we will ask you to approve.

If the deceased is the be cremated, a Cremation Certificate, signed by two doctors, will be issued. The cost of these certificates come under 'Disbursements' and will be listed on the funeral account.

Only when a death is referred to the Coroner, will these certificates be unnecessary.

Help with funeral costs

If you are on a low income, you could be eligible for benefits from the Social Fund to help you pay for the funeral. How much you are entitled to will depend on your individual circumstances.

Check the claim form for full details including eligibility and what the Funeral Payment covers.