Pre-Paid Funeral Plans
If you have just arranged the funeral of a loved-one you will appreciate how much effort is involved, especially at a time of bereavement.
Pre-planning your own funeral can help relieve relatives and friends of the planning that is needed for a funeral, as well as giving you peace of mind.
There are three very good reasons for pre-planning a funeral and they are:
1) To fix the cost or inflation-proof the price of a funeral.
2) To remove the burden from relatives
3) To make sure that the style or type of funeral that is wanted is carried out to the letter.
Please click here for further information about our Golden Charter funeral plans.
Personal Preferences
There are a number of preferences you can express for your own funeral. For example whether you wish to be buried or cremated; in the case of a cremation, where the ashes should be scattered or in case of a burial what type of coffin, where the burial is to take place and whether or not the grave is to be double or single etc.
Spreading the Cost
Most pre-paid plans allow for the Funeral Directors charges to be pre-paid in full with a guarantee that the plan holder will not have to pay any more in the future to them.
Some essential disbursements are included in the costs of the funeral plan including crematorium or cemetery fees, church and minister's fees. The funeral director has no control over some of these prices and consequently costs may need to be topped-up at the time of the funeral.
However, newspaper announcements, floral tributes and catering costs are normally omitted from a pre-paid funeral plan and are paid for at the time of the funeral.
Check list
  • Make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money.
  • Check also that your money will be buying a guaranteed whole life policy or if it goes into an independent trust fund that is accounted for separately to the funeral planning company.
  • Find out how much the non-refundable administration charge will be.
  • Does your plan provide a contribution towards the cost of fees and charges which your Funeral Director does not control (Disbursements) such as crematorium fees, basic fees to a minister (this does not include his travelling expenses), doctor's certificates etc. as they make up an essential part of the final funeral costs?
  • Does the plan include the transport of the deceased's body from anywhere in the United Kingdom?
  • If you move house to another area, is your plan still valid or can you ask for a refund of your money?
  • Is the funeral planning service a member of an established trade organisation such as the Funeral Planning Authority? (
  • Does the plan cover the removal of the deceased's body both day and night? Are out of hours removals covered or will you have to pay an extra cost?
  • Whatever the future cost of the funeral might be, are you guaranteed through your plan to be covered totally for the cost of your funeral through your chosen funeral service?
  • If you choose to be buried you must be aware that some council authorities charge double fees for non-resident burials within their area and these charges may not be included in your plan and most plans cover only a contribution towards a burial due to rising costs.
If you are considering a pre-arranged funeral plan, please take time to make a will.
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