What to do when a death occurs
If the death occurs at home, phone your doctor. Usually, he will issue a medical Certificate of Death, normally within 24 hours, provided the death is not sudden and the deceased has been seen by the doctor during the past 14 days and there are no unusual circumstances. Special action will be taken if the deceased was in receipt of benefits connected with an industrial disease or accident.
Once the doctor has been, you can then contact us to arrange for the deceased to be moved to one of our Chapels of Rest. Call us any time of day or night on 0191 586 4322.
Any special circumstances will be dealt with by the Coroner who will determine the cause of death and issue the necessary documentation.
If the Coroner is involved, we will keep keep you informed and let you know when the death may be registered.
The Law decrees that all deaths must be registered.
The death must be registered in the district where the death occurred. Please see below for Register Offices in the region.
Registering a Death
A close friend or relative or someone who was present at the death may register the death.
What the registrar needs:
1) Medical certificate
2) Birth Certificate (if available)
3) Medical card (if available)
What the Registrar needs to know:
1) Data and place of death
2) Date and place of birth
3) Full name of the deceased and maiden name if applicable
4) Home address and occupation of the deceased
5) If married, full name and occupation of the surviving spouse, if applicable.
What you will receive from the Registrar:
1) A green disposal certificate (give this to your Funeral Director)
2) A small, white certificate for you local DSS office. Hand this in with any benefit books.
3) Any extra Death Certificates if you require them for banks, insurance claims and solicitors etc. You will be charged for extra certificates.
Regional Register Offices
Hartlepool Register Office
Raby Road, Hartlepool, TS24 8AF
Tel: 01429 236369
Website: click here
Seaham Contact Centre
Sophia Street, St John's Square,
Seaham, Co. Durham, SR7 7JE
Tel: 0300 262501
Website: click here
Sunderland Register Office
Town Hall & Civic Centre, Sunderland, SR2 7DN
Tel: 0191 5205509
Website: click here
Durham City Register Office
40 Old Elvet, Durham
Tel: 0191 3864077
Website: click here
Stockton Register Office
Nightingale House,
Balaclava Street,
Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2AL
Tel: 01642 527720
Website: click here
Please note there is no longer
a Register Office in Peterlee.
Please contact the Seaham
Contact Centre.
Peterlee DSS: Hatfield House, St Cuthberts Road, Peterlee SR8 1PB
It is important to know if the deceased wished his/her body to be bequeathed to medical science.
If this is the case there will be written documentation which has been pre-prepared in conjunction with the Medical School concerned.
These wishes must be carried out as early as practicable due to the speed required by the Medical School.
The Medical School may refuse to accept the body because of certain illnesses prior to death and the subsequent cause of death. In these cases a funeral contravening the deceased's wishes will have to take place.
Stopping unwanted mail for the deceased
It is terribly distressing after a death, to receive mail for someone who has recently died. The Bereavement Register is designed to remove names and addresses of people who have recently died from mailing lists and databases.
EDFS branches
Peterlee (Head Office) Tel: 0191 586 4322
Horden Tel: 0191 586 5178
Easington Tel: 0191 527 1499
Trimdon Grange Tel: 01429 883 777
Wingate Tel: 01429 883 777
24 hour call out 0191 586 4322